Why Fibre?        

Fibre is the most efficient media to transport data:

  • Capacity is virtually unlimited.
  • Lowest in Latency – Extremely Responsive
  • Fibre is Passive - Reliability is unmatched.
  • Fibre is unaffected by environmental conditions.
  • Data can be carried over vast distances.
  • Fibre does not propagate electricity.
  • Fibre has a long life, and is simple to repair.
  • Fibre can transport any data services including Internet, Phone, TV.

The benefits of Fibre are evident; research has concluded premises served by fibre are valued at $5000 more then comparable premises served by other technologies.


Provisioning Fibre in the rural communities is a major undertaking. Infrastructure will be constructed along the roads, new structures containing network elements, and Fibre service lines are required to each premise to deliver the services. EH!tel has applied for subsidies to the Federal Government, and obtained the support of Municipal, County and Provincial agencies to permit the installations along the roadways. The construction initiative is anticipated to take 10 years to enable all premises to be connected to Fibre.  

The cost to bring Fibre to a rural premise is estimated at $2,500/premise. With Federal funding, and private commitments through EH!tel, we have developed packages with competitive rates starting with an installation fee of $199. Once the terms are expired, even better service pricing will be made available.

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