Once your Site Surveys is completed, your EH!tel Sales Representative will contact you with the results. Potential results typically are:



smileResults are good, a Standard Installation applies, no charge for the installation.


wonderResults are good, however a surcharge applies due to extra equipment required provide you with service. (example: require tower, NLOS equipment, or trenching - see below for more information)


crying_iconResults negative, outside of coverage area OR cost too prohibitive to get you connected. You have the option to be placed in the "Wait List" (notify when service may become available).



Basic Installation

The technician will install the "Subscriber Unit" to the home using a "Sat Mount", "Chimney Mount", "Wall Mount", "Tripod & Pole", or on an existing tower. Up to 100ft of outdoor rated Cat5 cable will be run from the "Subscriber Unit" to your home office or entertainment centre (usually your router location). A small hole may need to be drilled to bring the cable into the home or room. The cable is neatly strapped, lagged, stapled or zip tied to the structure (fishing cable behind drywall or through a finished ceiling is subject to surcharge). A POE/power supply box will be the termination point for EH!tel's service.   Any standard Cat5 cable will connect to it.


Note: EH!tel does not provide wireless service with a standard installation. Wireless routers can be purchased from any major BOX store, or your local Computor retailer.


Installation Extras

Tower Diagram Tower Self Support 

Tower - Braced (on right)

A braced tower is a tower supported by an existing structure, typically your home. Sections are 10ft in lenghth and are limited to 2 sections (20ft) above the last highest support point. A 10ft pole is installed on the top sections, on which the subscriber unit is installed.

Tower - Self Support (on left)

A self Support Tower requires excavation, concrete footing, and erection. These are used when attaching to the home is not an feasible option. Typical self support residential towers range in height from 50ft to 100ft. Self support towers are substantially more costly then braced towers.







Tower Braced


Tree, Barn or Shed Installation and Trenching

A tree installation is used when the home is buried in trees, yet one of the trees exposed to an open field or along the road has a good path to an EH!tel tower. Alternatively, a structure such as a shop, barn or garden shed may be better positioned then the home. Cable is typically trenched 6 to 12" in the ground from the home to the alternate structure or tree. Cat5 can not extend more then 320ft (100m), so typically this alternate location must be within 200ft of the home. EH!tel uses a Vermeer Vibratory Lawn Plow to install the Cat5 cable. It slices the ground, and leaves minimum disruption to your lawn or gravel driveway. Trenching is subject to cable locates. EH!tel has a locator to find condutive underground wiring and pipes. The nominal trenching charge may be waived if the subscriber wishes to install the Cat5 cable provided themselves.


Long Distance & NLOS Equipment

EH!tel's primary systems depend on LOS (Line of Sight) between the EH!tel tower and the Subscriber Unit. This is what permits the exceptional fast connections within 8km from the tower. Once outside of this parameter, an optional NLOS (non Line of Sight) system, or high gain antenna can be installed. These options are subject to a surcharge. (pic on right - high gain 2ft dish) (pic on far right - 900 Yagi)

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