EH!tel Home Phone Service
North America   Unlimited Long Distance Throughout North America + Loaded with Free Features!

√ Unlimited Long Distance North America
√ Compatible with your existing phones
√ Call Display
√ Call Waiting
√ Call Forwarding
√ Call Transfer
√ Voicemail
√ Voicemail to Email
√ 3 Way Calling
√ Enhanced 911*




Keep in touch with friends and family, without the worry of long distance fees.  Add a second line for the same low price of $19.95 and give your teens their own line.  Keep your number forever, take it with you if you move.
In addition to the standard Voicmail features, EH!tel can forward the recorded message to an email specifiified by you.  Listen to your messages at the office or  while online with your favorite device.
Will my existing Phone work?
Any standard analogue telephone will work, including wireless phone sets.  If your home is pre-wired with phone jacks, they can also be connected to the EH!tel Home phone.  Additional charges may apply with home wiring.
How Does EH!tel Home Phone Work?
EH!tel Fibre to the Home:  Your ONT (Optical Network Terminal) comes with a pre-wired phone port.  Your standard home phone can be connected directly to the port. 
EH!tel Wireless or other Internet connections:  EH!tel will provide you with an ATA (Analogue Telephone Adapter) at no charge.  The ATA is simply a box, that connects
your existing phones to the Internet.
Can I Keep My Existing Number?
Traditional Telco's fight to maintain control of tariffed phone numbers.  These are not be transferrable.  Check with our sales team to see if your number is portable and eligible to be transferred to EH!tel Home Phone.
EH!tel offers local numbers for any Major Centre in Canada, including Guelph, Kitchener, Milton, and Toronto.
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